Procedure For Application

Under the new scheme it is not necessary for the applicant to give a written application, details can be orally communicated to the operator who has to key in the details in the software, also it is not necessary for the applicant to give any supporting documents except a Photo ID with Address proof to enable the field officials to identify the address at the time of verification.

The charge collected for each application for provision of certificates is Rs.25 and applications for social security schemes are free of cost.

Approval of various certificates which was the exclusive domain of the Tahsildars has been delegated to the Deputy Tahsildars. In the earlier system the application had to be sent to the Taluk Office, processed and signed by the Tahsildar. Due to the workload in the Taluk office the process would invariably be delayed. Now with the delegation of power to the Deputy Tahsildar, the application is received, processed & signed by the Deputy Tahsildar at the Atalji Janasnehi Kendras, thus reducing the time taken for delivery of services.